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Come stroll through our display homes at your own pace…

See our designs come to life, take notes and speak to our friendly team about what you want from your home.
Head over to our contact page if there’s anything you’d like to ask before you plan your visit, or check out the map below to find us:

At Selecta display village, we have the following display homes available for viewing:
Haven · Sanctuary · Urban · Esperance · Hallet · Inman 4

Choosing the right builder is an equally exciting and daunting process. Unlike many other purchases, you can’t simply return your home if you change your mind! What better way is there to find out about our exceptional homes than to see one for yourself? Visiting display homes is an important part of getting a feel for the ambience and quality your builder can offer you. We understand this and warmly invite you to experience the high standard of workmanship and practical designs Selecta Homes has to offer.

When you visit our display homes in Burton, just north of Adelaide, you’ll see first-hand what to expect when your new home is complete: an exceptional design finished to a superior standard, but without the price tag to make you shudder. It will also give you a chance to see our inclusions, be inspired by the wide range of possibilities and ask any questions you may have.

Display houses provide the opportunity to visualise yourself living in the home, and also to determine what features best suit your needs. It is always important to be open to new design ideas or different materials, as you may be surprised to find yourself connecting with a design idea you had never considered. When visiting our display homes, remember we’re just as open minded! We offer complete design flexibility with each of our home designs, whether you need to fit a particular block, add that extra room, or include a unique feature that will make your home reflect your personality.